Album #2 Fundraiser gig, March 9th

Album #2 Fundraiser gig, March 9th

After the success of a fundraising gig I did for the Shining in Silver EP in 2015, I was asked quite often about putting on a similar show, however at the time I felt I didn't want to repeat that exact idea too quickly.

I hadn't planned it but over the last few months songs have appeared through the ceiling and I suddenly have a great deal of what will be the next EP/Album already written!
However, the fact is in this day and age, because of how the majority of people consume music, I just can't fund these projects entirely off my own back because I simply can't afford too given how low the revenue is from streaming and sales nowadays.

So this gig will be like a Crowdfunding type idea. Except there will be a full show with the 6 piece band, the setlist will include half a new albums worth of material, guest appearances from friends on songs, and the deal will be that you can pay whatever you want at the door! As much or as little as you want. Every bit helps!

I'll be posting more information as we get closer but wanted to get this out there now so people can lock the date in!

Your support for this event would be awesome, and the truth is, the next project just can't really happen without you!

Email to book: [email protected]
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