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Simon Hirst

“I’m restless for more than the dawn. I’m living for more than this song. Living is Now”.

It’s not often a songwriter attempts to wrestle with their truths, failures and questions so openly. Whether it’s the roaring, distorted, drop-tuned riff of ‘Dirty Hands’, or the soft, acoustic honesty of ‘How Far Away Home Is’. This is an artist chasing truth through songs.

Having shared stages with some of the biggest names in the New Zealand music scene, the UK expat’s focus is now firmly set on the release of his second EP in two years, ‘Let Love Happen’, which fuses the harder rock elements on ‘Say What You Want’, through the radio-friendly ‘Let Love Happen’, to the anthemic movie-soundtrack-in waiting ‘Give It for the Right Thing’, and the soft, melancholic ‘We Were Right’.

He arrives back in the UK for his first international tour in support of the EP in late June 2024. Equally at home on stage with a band, or solo, this is an upcoming artist whose live shows are not to be missed.

For more information visit www.simonhirst.co.nz

Music is available now on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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