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Confirmed the title of the album will be 'Feet Of God' after the song of the same name. "Strangely the song actually has nothing to do with any spiritual type God....."

Eddie Rayner from Split Enz has lent me a hand on a few tracks, including a great organ solo on a track named 'Nothing I Can Do'.

The orchestral version of the albums closing track named 'Through The Wall Of Light'. Arranged by none other than Split Enz member, and music legend Eddie Rayner. Thanks Eddie! Here is a link to it, and it can be found in the video section as well.




"Shining In Silver will appeal to adult contemporary fans, much like what I mentioned earlier with the Finn Brothers, Dave Dobbyn and..."
Jason McIver @ | Read the full review...

"This is Hamiltonian singer songwriter, Simon Hirst’s first EP introducing us to his laid-back, well-versed lyricism and warm sheets of layered acoustic guitar. It produces the same homely feeling you get when listening to something like Woodface by Crowded House or a few of the tracks on Beautiful Collision by Bic Runga. Hirst makes a few references to home, land, sea and sky, though not over-saturating it, keeping the songs accessible and relatable to almost anyone..."
Graham Reid @ | Read the full review...

"Like many great recordings, the songs of Shining in Silver become more memorable with every listen. The chorus of each track embeds itself in the mind of the listener, which is a mark of good pop music. Stand out tracks are the smooth, spacey opener Shining in Silver, and the dark but empowering Love Will Carry Me Home. Shining in Silver shows balance and restraint in its arrangement: every instrument featured adds to the musical soundscape of the work. Every chord and every melody drives in a holistic direction without ever being overbearing individually."
Jeremy Millar - Independant |

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