Feet of God, Track by Track #3. Temptation

Feet of God, Track by Track #3. Temptation

#3 - Temptation

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Temptation is one of the songs from Feet of God that I have the least memory of the exact moment of writing. It sort of just appeared out of nowhere one day. It’s certainly one of the darker songs on the album. A story of a betrayal in a relationship. Over the period of time I was writing these songs there were various relationship breakdowns going on around us. Not necessarily people I knew well, but there was a moment when there seemed to be a lot of betrayal in the air and it seemed to find it’s way in to my songwriting. It certainly had a profound affect on the moody atmosphere around a lot of the album. Particularly in this song, and Trees Stand Strong which I see as almost two parts of the same track.

The second chord in the verse was always a bit of a mystery to me. After a certain amount of experience on a instrument you gather how they work and how chords are formed, and the variations of those chords. Certainly from learning songs you pick up little tricks here and there, but that second chord, and how I played it, I had never used before. It’s a very simple little variation on an A minor chord, and I only came across it by complete unconscious instinct, but it’s hard to think of this song existing had I not fortuitously come across it.

One of my favourite little parts, just for the audio trainspotter type people, is a string chord going into the bridge instrumental section. I had recorded the string line which supports, and in parts, follows the piano lines. But if you listen closely to that first chord there is another string chord under it which starts a tone below the pitch and sort of slides up. I loved how it has this moment of a kind of dissonance before it slides up in to the melodic bridge lines that follow.


There’s a light in an empty room
That leads them back to you
Temptation calls your name
You will never be the same

In a past you can’t forget
Will haunt you ’til the end
In a strange forgotten state
You sealed your own fate

Cast the wrong way
Through another’s eye’s you fell
The vision was yours
The vision that lead you down

In the glow of an endless moon
The darkness comforts you
Whispers through the trees
Betrayal by his hand

Cast the wrong way
Through another’s eye’s you fell
The vision was yours
The vision that lead you down
The path of regret
No one will set you free
Escape from their grasp
Return to the one you had been

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